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I’m currently writing for U.S. News & World Report, and will be covering just about anything you could think of. I spent the last six months writing for the finance and policy section of The Chronicle of Higher Education, where I covered federal and state governments, legislation, budgets and facilities in higher education institutions across the country. Before that, I was a metro news reporting intern at the San Francisco Chronicle and an editor and reporter at UC Berkeley’s independent student paper, The Daily Californian.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

For a Campus Sustainability Group, a Paler Shade of Green—May 31, 2013
Lawmakers Propose Long-Term Fixes for Student-Loan Interest Rates
—May 10, 2013
Rising Student-Loan Debt Hinders Spending, Hurts Economy
—May 9, 2013
Gay-Rights Advocates Describe Fafsa Changes as Progress Toward Equality
—April 30, 2013 (subscription required)
Marshall U. President’s Raid on Department Funds Sparks Ire, New Approach
—April 19, 2013 (subscription required)
Proposed Student-Loan Reforms Set Activists and Lawmakers at Odds
—April 12, 2013
Former Education Secretary Seeks to Simplify States’ Distance-Education Rules
—April 11, 2013
Boxed In, Borrowers Struggle to Repay Private Student Loans
—April 8, 2013 (subscription required)
Many Colleges Could Lose Federal Aid Eligibility Under New Interpretation of Rule
—April 3, 2013 (subscription required)
Sequester Watch: Congress Votes to Protect Military Tuition Assistance, Limit NSF Spending
—March 21, 2013 
Online Programs Reject Students to Avoid Costly State Approval
—March 20, 2013 (subscription required)
Colleges Hold Out Hope of Avoiding Steep Cuts in Funds
—March 11, 2013 (subscription required)
Energy Makeovers for Labs Create Breathing Room in the Bottom Line—March 4, 2013 (subscription required)
Sequestration Presents Uncertain Outlook for Students, Researchers, Job-Seekers—March 1, 2013
Low-Income Students Should Be Able to Graduate Debt-Free, Report Says—Feb. 14, 2013 (subscription required)
Pell Grant Restrictions Hurt Enrollment at Community Colleges in the South—Feb. 12, 2013
California’s Public Colleges Still Face Mountains of Deferred Maintenance—Feb. 7, 2013
Millions of Graduates Hold Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree—Jan. 28, 2013
Online Marketplace Offers an Alternative to Student Loans—Jan. 22, 2013
USC Settles Title IX Complaint Over Women’s Crew—Jan. 18, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle (Just my favorites)

Scientists Address Anosmia, Loss of Sense of Smell—Dec. 26, 2011
Mother in Hospital a Financial Setback for Family—Dec. 21, 2011
Weed, Frogs Hard to Remove from Park’s Lily Pond—Nov. 26, 2011

The Daily Californian (Just my favorites)
Yudof to Recommend Fee Hike at Regents Meeting—July 1, 2011

I wrote this article while serving as the news editor at the Daily Cal in the summer of 2011. California legislators had recently passed a state budget that included a $150 million cut to the University of California system, in addition to a previous cut of $500 million. I broke the story of the latest tuition increase, beating out every major news outlet in the state, including the AP, the San Francisco Chronicle and The Bay Citizen — which later linked back to my article.

International Attention Focused on ASUC Divestment Vote—April 13, 2010

When I covered the UC Berkeley student government in the spring of 2010, the student senate introduced a controversial bill that gained media attention from all over the nation. The student senate passed a bill urging the University of California to divest from two companies that have provided war supplies to the Israeli military. The bill was later vetoed by the ASUC president and the decision went into over a month-long battle of politics between the student government senate, executives and countless student organizations throughout the university. Eventually, the struggle even attracted international attention, with well-known individuals such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein and even Desmond Tutu weighing in on the issue.


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