My Journey

If you’ve read my “about me” page, then you know I’ve always been interested in journalism. Throughout high school and college, I went back and forth between journalism, teaching and various other careers involving some sort of media or marketing aspects. I always thought that I was meant to be a journalist. But I never really thought about why. Ask any of my friends why they want to be journalists, and they’ll say “to tell stories,” “to inform the public,” “to do good and expose the truth” or something along those lines.

To be completely honest, no one has ever asked me that question. I hadn’t even asked myself that question until around this time last year, when I finished college and started looking for reporting jobs. When I did ask myself why I wanted to be a journalist, all I could think of is that I just want to. Reporting makes me happy. I’ve always wanted to do this. After months of searching and a few fruitless interviews, I took a break to regroup. I got a job as a marketing assistant at a healthcare company in San Diego, which I still have. I also started teaching Greek dance again at my church — something I did in high school.

I started teaching the same group I had started in high school. When I formed the group, those kids were 5 and 6 years old and when I began teaching again they were all in middle school — some of them taller than me. I’ve been doing that for the past year and have also taken on teaching the high school dance group. I found that teaching is also something that makes me happy. I got to thinking about how I could combine my love for journalism and my love for teaching.

I realized that my reasons for wanting to be a journalist were somewhat selfish. I only wanted to do it for me. I think someday I will pursue my teaching credential in English. I figured that this way, I can teach, I can write, and I can help have an impact on someone else’s life — and maybe inspire a few future journalists.

But for now, I’m being selfish!


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